There couldn’t have been a better wedding couple to work for honestly, Let’s be real. Grant + Kristen are two of the nicest people on the planet. They are high school sweethearts and I seriously have the biggest soft spot for high school sweetheart weddings since Seth + I are too. During Grant’s interview, he talks about going through so much together in the span of their relationship and it’s so true. When you meet that young, you go through so many changes together + you learn to grow together + you learn to continue falling in love with each other through so many big milestones, cause let’s be real, high school you was totally different than even mid 20’s you.

Mine + Seth’s biggest marriage advice to couples is 1. Keep God as the center of your relationship and 2. Be okay with change + be ready to change together because over the course of your marriage so many things are going to happen. Whether it’s a new job, a new city, a new home or a new baby (we should be getting induced Tuesday, btw!) be okay with it all, trust in Jesus, trust in each other and be ready to take on the world together.

Grant + Kristen, thank you for letting Seth + I capture your beautiful day. Getting to know you two + work with you was such a blessing. “Elsner’s on three! 1….. 2…..3…. ELSNER’S!”